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            摩臣 mochen
              mochen Close to China, there are not only Southeast Asia, mochenbut also our neighbor, Russia in the north. In recent years, many people have chosen to travel to Russia. People have always liked to call Russia a "fighting nation", where people are popular, people are straightforward, hospitable, romantic and full of humor. But sometimes it's unpredictable, and you can't laugh. Today, a small video was heavily forwarded on Weibo: four Russian men, disguised as buses, wanted to cross the bridge and were stopped by the police.


              On November 13th, on the Golden Horn Bridge in Vladivostok, Russia, some netizens photographed four Russian men, holding a yellow paper "bus" trying to cross the bridge and being seen by the police on the side. Let them return along the roadside. It is understood that starting from August 2015, for safety reasons, only vehicles are allowed to pass on this bridge, and it is not allowed to pass. These four men are also painstaking to cross the bridge.


              mochen, many netizens also gave them a trick: first walk a short paragraph, then start to go backwards, maybe the police mistakenly thought that you came from the other side, let the original way back, so that you can successfully cross the bridge. There are also many netizens who are very cooperative with the performance: "So secret, it has been discovered." "This can be found, is the police stunned?" For the four men disguised as a bus crossing, you Anything you want to say?


              mochen to the above-mentioned hustle and bustle of the Russians, many times, Russia gives the impression that it likes to open a "short check." The most famous is that the masses questioned the national leader Gorbachev: When can he change the shortage of goods? He replied: "Give me two years." Two years later people asked him again, he said: "Give me two more. year". If this is the case, I think the leaders of our country are very good.


             mochen, because many people did not dare to go because of the serious charges of snow in China. If you want to enjoy snow, Russia is also a very good choice. Be careful not to learn that the four men disguised as buses and confuse the police uncle.

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